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Robertson Memorials

Helping Canterbury Families Love and Remember Since 1937

Robertson Memorials specializes in providing caring and sensitive advice for all your memorial needs. We provide premium headstones and memorial plaques. As well as new memorial services, we also manage additional lettering, repairs and renovations in all Canterbury and surrounding cemeteries.


About Us

Professional and Compassionate Service

A unique memorial can fulfil the need of a bereaved family and friends in the commemoration of their loved one. Memorials offer a focus-point for grief as well as a lasting token of respect.


Robertson Memorials have been meeting the needs of Canterbury families for over 70 years. We pride ourselves on our caring, sensitive and professional service. 


Our Services

Arrangements for a headstone are made by the family through, or with, a monumental mason. We will liaise with the local council or churches to confirm the burial plot and apply for the necessary permit. We then design, craft and install.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Speak with an experienced member of our team who can walk you through the process with a free quote - no obligations!

Step 2: Design

Choose from over 50 individual shapes, 14 colours, custom lettering options & preview a scaled computer drawing before we start crafting.

Step 3:  Craft

Over the next 4 weeks, our team of skilled craftsman will build you a custom designed memorial for your loved one.

Step 4: Install

Our team take care of the entire process, right through to the installation at the cemetery. 


Memorial Options

We have designed and built thousands of headstones & memorials with over 70 years of experience. We offer a full range of granite and cast bronze memorials, as well as personal designs.


Fully Guaranteed

All our work is fully guaranteed by the New Zealand Master Monumental Masons' Association to all legal requirements, the highest professional standards and business ethics.


Contact Us

We proudly serve the people of Canterbury. Contact us with any questions or requests regarding our supplies and services for an individual memorial. We want to hear from you and how we can help at this time of need.

Phone: 03-366-5630


Thank you, we will be in touch shortly.

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